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Overcome Your Dental Anxieties & Fears in Fort Saskatchewan, AB

Your Partner In Alleviating Dental Anxiety & Fear

Dental anxiety and fear are genuine concerns for many individuals. At Cornerstone Dental Centre, we understand the distress of oral health concerns and treatment. That’s why we provide compassionate dental anxiety treatment options for our Fort Saskatchewan, AB patients, helping you experience the dentist more comfortably.

Patient expressing fear and anxiety during a dental treatment

Trusted Dental Anxiety Treatment

Dental anxiety impacts patients of all ages. Approximately 20% of adults experience some fear or dental anxiety that holds them back from achieving the dental care they need. Cornerstone Dental Centre provides trusted dental anxiety treatment to ensure our patients’ oral health does not become compromised by the stressful emotions tied to dental procedures.

What Is Dental Fear & Anxiety?

Dental fear and anxiety is a condition that sparks feelings of fear or stress about dental care. Patients with dental anxiety experience debilitating apprehension regarding their oral health needs. This fear can manifest in different ways, including anxiety attacks, restlessness before their appointment, and even physical symptoms, such as nausea, shaking, or excessive sweating.

Causes of Dental Anxiety & Fear

Dental fear and anxiety can derive from different factors. The common reasons individuals experience dental anxiety include:

  • Prior negative dental experiences or uncomfortable procedures
  • Fear of discomfort or pain
  • Fear of feeling overwhelmed by sounds, sensations, smells, and environmental factors
  • Shame or embarrassment about their teeth or oral health condition
  • Underlying mental health conditions

The Impact of Dental Anxiety & Fear

Dental anxiety and fear can hold individuals back from pursuing the dental care they need. As a result, their oral health faces severe consequences as minor conditions are awarded the opportunity to escalate into more complex issues. Furthermore, dental anxiety can encourage psychological issues, negatively impacting one’s mental health and wellness.

Side Effects of Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety can be debilitating to navigate, as individuals with this condition often understand the importance of dental care but cannot overcome their fear. As a result, they may begin experiencing worsening symptoms of stress. The stress and the financial strain of dental care may result in forfeiting their dental care needs altogether.

How to Overcome Dental Anxiety and Fear

There are an array of strategies patients may adopt to overcome their dental fear and anxiety. For many, turning dentist visits into a relaxing experience makes all the difference. Helpful strategies for overcoming dental anxiety and fear may include:

  • Relaxation and breathing techniques
  • Listening to music during your treatment
  • Opting for sedation dentistry

Choose the Right Dentist for Your Needs

An important part of overcoming dental anxiety is choosing the right dentist for your needs. Finding a clinic with a warm, welcoming staff that listens to your concerns, such as Cornerstone Dental Centre, is essential. This ensures open communication, preparation, and planning to encourage a comfortable visit with minimal anxiety and fear.

Discuss Alternative Treatments

If you are facing an intricate dental surgery and you are fearful of the pain or invasive nature of the procedure, you may have options. Microsurgery is commonly available to replace many alternative forms of treatment. Before your appointment, consult your dentist to determine the most comfortable treatment solution for your needs.

Dental Anxiety Treatment Options

Overcoming dental fear and anxiety can be daunting, but Cornerstone Dental Centre is here to provide unwavering support. We encourage our patients to communicate their feelings with us so we can do our part to make your visit as comfortable as possible. We offer several sedation dentistry options to ensure a stress-free experience.

Contact Our Friendly Professionals to Discuss Dental Anxiety

Don’t let dental anxiety and fear get in the way of preserving and enhancing your oral health. Count on our friendly professionals at Cornerstone Dental Centre in Fort Saskatchewan, AB, for compassionate dental care tailored to your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our dental anxiety treatment options.