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Clear Aligners in Fort Saskatchewan, AB

We Can Help You Achieve a Straighter Smile

One of the most influential elements of a first impression is one’s smile. Cornerstone Dental Centre helps individuals in Fort Saskatchewan, AB achieve the smiles of their dreams through the use of Reveal® clear aligners. If your teeth are slightly crooked or you have an overbite that makes you self-conscious about flashing your pearly whites, visit our state-of-the-art clinic. Our dentists have extensive experience and use proven techniques to restore confidence and beauty for our patients. Call us today to learn what distinguishes Reveal® clear aligners from their competitors and whether you are a candidate for them.

Are You a Candidate for Reveal® Clear Aligners?

If you are a healthy adult or teenager who yearns for a straighter smile, Reveal® clear aligners may be right for you. These innovative devices are simple and dependable, and the team at Cornerstone Dental Centre can tailor aligners that will result in a fresh, beautiful smile that lasts.


Clear Aligners for teeth's in Fort Saskatchewan, AB

Teenage years can be full of angst, and a lack of confidence in one’s smile can only exacerbate such feelings. But Reveal® clear aligners can correct your teenager’s smile without the use of clunky metal braces. He or she will look great for prom photos and yearbook pictures. But perhaps you are considering taking action for yourself. These discreet, removable aligners are ideal for adults, too. Whether you want to correct an issue that was never addressed when you were young or your teeth have shifted slightly with age, let our team customize aligners for you. Reveal® clear aligners can correct:

  • Crossbites
  • Crowded teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Underbites
  • Overbites

What to Expect During the Process

Dental Implants in Fort Saskatchewan, AB

The dentists at Cornerstone Dental Centre will be your guide through the fitting process for your Reveal® clear aligners. We will begin with a thorough oral examination to determine the health of your teeth and gums. Poor oral health can ultimately lead to tooth movement that causes permanent damage. Our general dentistry services can help strengthen your teeth and gums before beginning the alignment process if necessary. We will then take photos and impressions of your smile for use in manufacturing your aligners. Your trays will be created using an advanced manufacturing process that ensures a precise fit. Snug aligners allow for tooth-specific control and comfort. Finally, we will smooth the edges of your aligners so that they do not irritate your gums. We will carefully monitor your progress with each aligner until you achieve the straight smile you have always wanted.

Benefits of Reveal® Clear Aligners

There is plenty to love about Reveal® clear aligners from Cornerstone Dental Centre. They are among the most comfortable, efficient ways to straighten your teeth and improve the look of your smile. Their myriad benefits include:


  • Strength – These aligner trays are made from proprietary ClearWear™ material to ensure durability and predictability.
  • Appearance – You will never have to worry about your Reveal® clear aligners staining or clouding during your treatment. People will not even know you are wearing them.
  • Safety – Our dentists vouch for the safety of these trays and their application. Because we do not have to place any braces or wires, there is minimal contact between you and us.
  • Effectiveness – Following a customized treatment plan, we are confident your teeth will look better than ever before.

Why You Should Choose Cornerstone Dental Centre

Cornerstone Dental Centre has been serving patients from Fort Saskatchewan, AB, and the surrounding area for years. Each of our dentists and staff members is committed to your comfort, safety, and complete satisfaction whether you come to us for general or cosmetic dentistry services. We use the most advanced technology and techniques to ensure the best results. When you opt for Reveal® clear aligners, we will explain everything you need to know about their application, how long you will need to use them, and their cost. Each of these factors varies by patient, so stop by for a consultation with our team right away.

Contact Us for Reveal® Clear Aligners Today

When you want to enhance your smile and boost your confidence, Reveal® clear aligners may be just what the dentist ordered. The team at Cornerstone Dental Centre in Fort Saskatchewan, AB will gladly explain their benefits and determine whether you are a candidate for this innovative cosmetic dentistry solution. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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