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Strengthen Your Tooth Enamel with Fluoride Treatment

Make it mission impossible for bacteria to cause cavities by remineralizing the enamel of your teeth with a topical application of fluoride from Cornerstone Dental Centre in Fort Saskatchewan. Your teeth will be effectively coated and insulated with fluoride treatment if they are sensitive to gum recession or natural wear. It will also not only prevent re-infection after a gum treatment but also restrain bleeding of tender gums which is caused by plaque bacteria.

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Fluoride Important for Patients with Braces

In controlling gingivitis and decalcifications, fluoride can be an invaluable asset to you if you are wearing braces. It controls bad breath and irritation from dentures, blocks plaque formation while also preventing recurring decay around crowns and bridges.

A Note on Fluoride in Tap Water

Due to the fact that the fluoride found in tap water is not sufficient to protect your teeth, Cornerstone Dental Centre recommends that during your hygiene appointments you get fluoride treatment.

The small amounts of fluoride found in tap water are missed as the consumption of bottled water has increased. The benefits of fluoride treatment should be discussed with a member of our staff by setting up your next dental cleaning.


To keep your teeth free from acids that attack the enamel you need to observe regular brushing and flossing. Teeth can however have deep, hard-to reach fissure and pits causing plaques to hide there, which will eventually cause cavities. By applying dental sealant to the teeth that have fissures and pits, we assist you to avoid cavities at Cornerstone Dental centre.

In protecting the health of your teeth, this procedure is simple and effective. You will be informed if the sealant is right for you on your next appointment.

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