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Quality Dental Care for Children

At Cornerstone Dental Centre, we can help your children establish good oral hygiene and keep their teeth healthy. By providing a comfortable environment for family dental care, we can help build good habits that will last into adulthood. Our caring dentists are experienced in working with children to make those experiences go as smoothly as possible.

Dentistry for Children in Fort Saskatchewan, AB

When to Bring Your Child for a Dental Visit

Your child’s first dental visit should be when they are around two to three years of age. Their first visit will likely require very little treatment. We will examine their teeth and gums, clean their teeth, apply fluoride, and may perform x-rays to check on the progress of your child’s permanent teeth. Since children are more prone to tooth decay due to thinner enamel, it is important to identify potential oral health issues early on.

During the first visit, we will also guide how to care for your child’s teeth, make sure they are receiving adequate fluoride at home, and suggest a schedule for routine visits. Depending on their comfort level, you may be asked to sit with your child and hold their hand during the first visit, or to wait so that a relationship can be built between your child and the dentist.

What to Tell Your Child About Their First Dental Visit

While most adults don’t particularly enjoy dental visits, it’s important to not instill a fear of dentists in your child before their first visit. We recommend preparing for children’s dental care in much the same way as you would for a first haircut: taking them to visit the office before their first appointment to let them get familiar with it, read books with them about going to the dentist, telling them what to expect, and sharing your own positive experiences.

Preventative Dental Care Tips for Children

At our office, we will set a good foundation by applying a dental sealant to protect your child’s teeth. However, at-home preventative care is important for preventing cavities and tooth decay. Cavities are usually caused by eating a high amount of sugary foods and inadequate brushing. Therefore, limiting sugary foods and drinks while establishing good brushing and flossing habits can go a long way towards preventing cavities. In addition, you should follow the preventative care schedule recommended for your child by the dentist.

Why You Should Choose Cornerstone Dental Centre

At Cornerstone Dental Centre, we love to see you smile. That is why we strive to create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere while providing the most up-to-date dental techniques. This allows us to shorten the appointment time and reduce anxiety about going to the dentist. Our knowledgeable dentists and dental assistants are experienced in working with the patient of all ages, providing quality general dentistry services for families in Fort Saskatchewan.

Contact Cornerstone Dental Centre

Call us today at 780-900-8043 to find out how we can make your child’s first dental experience as pleasant and stress-free as possible, or use our form to request an appointment online.

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